Create a Business Card

Business cards are an important foundation for your new business.  You’re now getting ready to get out there and spread the word about who you are, what you’re doing and why you’re so great!  Start getting ready to be comfortable thinking in those terms, because you are going to be doing a lot of listening and a lot of talking.

Before you get out there you’re going to need business cards.  Keep it simple.  Use your business name, a simple logo, phone number, email address, and physical address (if applicable).  There are two simple ways to get your cards made.  You can print them yourself using your own inkjet or laser printer using Avery business cards and their online business card creator tool.  The other option is to use a service like Vistaprint.

Both options are realistic.  There are advantages and disadvantages to each.  When printing the cards yourself, you have the option to print on demand, if you need more cards simply print more cards.  The other advantage of printing your own cards, especially at the beginning, is the ability to quickly change the design, logo, and any information on the card based on any feedback you’re getting from the people that are taking your cards.  For this reason alone, I recommend designing and printing the first few batches yourself.  The downside of printing your own cards is that depending on your printer they may not have as professional of quality as a service like Vistaprint.  

Vistaprint and similar services have a few advantages.  The biggest advantage is that you can get cards that look very professional fairly quickly.  Two disadvantages are price, these cards will cost a little more, as you tend to get what you pay for.  The other disadvantage is if you make a mistake on your card or your information changes, you will need to order more cards.  Additionally, if you run out of cards last minute, you are at the mercy of hof fast Vistaprint can get you more cards and how much they might charge to expedite the order.

Here’s an example of a business card we made for Mary the Dog Walker


Front of Card

Back of Card

Let’s take a look at what makes this a good business card to start with.  First and foremost, is simplicity.  Everything on the card has a purpose.  The dog icon is a simple visual representation of the business.  If your card ends up in a pile as they often do, the card with the dog on it will be obvious that it belongs to the dog walker.  The name of the business, this is pretty much self-evident why this is emphasized.  The website is next, which will give a chance for your clients and potential clients to find out more about you, your services, and see things like testimonials.  It’s important to put your name and not just have the business name.  People, in general, are really bad at remembering names, so this way they will know who to ask for when they call, text or email.  Phone number and email are important.  People like to communicate in different ways and at different times of the day.  If someone remembers to something in the middle of the night they might email you.  If someone wants to set up an appointment during half time at their child’s soccer game, they may text.  If someone is driving and using hands-free Bluetooth, they may choose to give you a call.  On the back side of the card, we have the logo, the business name, and the website as for further emphasis.
Icons are a great simple way to add an image to your business card.  There are many sites such as where you can download icons free for use.  This is where I downloaded the paw print for Mary The Dog Walker’s example business card above.
When printing cards yourself, you will want to do several test prints on regular printer paper so that your tests aren’t wasting the more expensive business card paper stock.  Take the test print on regular paper and pace that test print behind a blank sheet of business cards.  Now make sure both sheets are lined up as closely as possible and hold them next to a ceiling light or a lamp.  The light will allow you to see through the blank sheet of business cards and see if the test print lines up with the blank business card sheets.  If you are making a two-sided business card, you will want to print a test sheet of the back of the card and repeat the process.  Double check your spelling, contact information and everything else on your card.  It’s also suggested to have a friend or family member proofread the card as well.  Once you are happy with how everything has lined up and you are sure there aren’t any mistakes on your card, go ahead and print out the first sheet of cards.
Congrats, you now have the ability to print your business cards on demand!  But now what?  Here are a few basic tips to get you started.  Always make sure your business cards are on you at all times.  Most people carry a few in their wallet.  Keep a stack of cards in your car as well.  I find it easier to keep my cards nice and neat by using this business card holder.  If anyone ever asks you for your phone number, even if it’s not for business, hand them a card.  This is a soft way of letting people know what you do for business and you never know who might need a dog walker, photographer, landscaper or whatever your business is.  When someone asks you for a card, make sure you also ask them if you can get their contact information and either write it down or enter it into your phone.  Ask the person if it would be ok if you don’t hear from them in a few days if you go ahead and reach out to them.  With so many distractions in our lives, it’s not unlikely that they might not reach out and this allows you the opportunity to make sure the lead isn’t lost if they don’t end up reaching out to you.
Pro Tip – If you’re undecided about your business card design, feel free to test your design by printing multiple designs and asking existing customers or potential customers for feedback.  I often test several ideas with all of my marketing materials.
Decisions you need to make
Do you want to print my own business cards or do you want to get your business cards printed by Vistaprint or someone similar?  Remember, we recommend printing the cards yourself and getting feedback to make a few revisions before you get a large batch printed by Vistaprint.
What Icon or image do want as the graphic on your card.  Remember, we recommend you start with a simple icon.   Keeping things simple will help ensure that you have a simple, yet professional look and will let you get your cards designed and printed in less time.
Action Items
1) Purchase Avery printable business cards or go online to Vistaprint to design and print your cards.
2) Buy a business card holder to keep your cards in good shape.
3) Keep cards in your wallet and your car so that they’re always available
4) Ask for feedback on your cards to improve your design
Cheers to making your home business better!  I hope that you found something or better yet many things helpful in this article, you can help me by letting me know what’s working for you with your business cards, and what you’ve specifically found helpful by clicking HERE
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