Fill Up Your Calendar

Now that you have your business cards, you’re ready to get in front of people.  There’s no better way to start getting business than getting in front of an audience.  Go on and sign up for every single business meetup that you can realistically get to.  Try and get the next 4 weeks of meetups scheduled on your calendar.

Lookup all of the chambers of commerce in your area.  Contact them all and get on their mailing list.  Most chambers will allow guests to come to a few if not all their events without being members.  Get as many chamber events on your calendar as possible.

There are a number of established professional networking groups out there, such as BNI, LeTip, and Edge Networking.  Visit as many of these as possible.  Most will try and convince you to join on the spot.  Joining may or may not make sense for you.  Don’t worry about joining, as most of these organizations will allow you to go to at least 2 meetings as a visitor.  Many of these groups advertise their meeting times and places on  You may want to look at their websites directly to see when and where they meet.

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