Create a Blog

Today you’re going to create a Blog and we’re going to help you get started.  It’s very easy to overcomplicate creating a Blog.  There are so many articles out there about which blogging platform to use, whether it’s wordpress, squarespace, your own website, tumblr or blogger.  There are so many articles out there about making sure you have a certain number of words in your blog, that these words be aligned with search terms to help search rankings.  These are all great things to look into down the road, for now keep it simple and just create a blog.

Think of one topic that your customers will likely care about.  In the dog walker example, maybe your first post is about making sure your dog is being properly treated for heartworm prevention.  Maybe it’s a post on how to properly separate dogs during a dogfight.  Write a couple of paragraphs, take a few pictures of your dog and congratulations, you now have your first Blog post.

We’ve found the simplest platforms to get started are Blogger or tumblr.  Both are straight forward platforms to use and have mobile apps for your phone.  You can always choose to new platform down the road if needed.

Pro Tips

Take a short description and a link to your first blog post and send it out to the email list you created

Post your blog entry link on Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn

Post Pictures from your blog on Instagram.  In the description be sure to include the words link in bio and then post a link to your blog entry in the bio portion of your Instagram account.

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