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How to Create a Money Making Flyer

Using flyers and signs is one of the oldest methods of getting new customers and creating more business opportunities.  Flyers have been proven to work going back to the early days of the wild west and even long before that.  Flyers and signs are some of the most effective means of advertising and almost cost-free to get started, assuming you already have a printer and some printer paper or if you are artistic, perhaps even some markers, colored pencils and access to a photocopier.  We provide a free Microsoft Word template that you can feel free to use to get started with.  If you don’t own Microsoft Word, but you have an internet connection, you can use Microsoft Word online.  If you want to take it up a notch and make your flyer look a bit more professional you can buy these tear sheets from Avery.  They aren’t very expensive and look great.

In a previous post, we learned how to start an email list for Mary’s Dog Walking Service.  Here’s the example flyer for May’s Dog Walking Service



Create an email list.

It’s that simple.  Let’s say your name is Mary and you are looking to start a dog walking business called Mary’s Dog Walking Service.

3 Step Process

Step 1 Send an email to just about everyone you know.  When I say everyone, really think of everyone!  Make a list of all friends, family, current colleagues and former colleagues.  My best ideas only get better with the help of family and friends.  Be sure to ask for help.  Starting a new business is both exciting and a little bit scary!  Don’t be afraid to be a bit vulnerable and ask for help!  People love to help friends and loved ones.  This will start an important feedback loop that will keep the communication flowing.

Here’s an example email:

Hi Friends,

It’s me Mary writing to say hello and share some good news!  I can’t ignore my passion and love for dogs any further so I’ve decided to follow my dream to be my own boss and start a dog walking business!! I’m very excited and if I’m being completely honest a bit scared to take this thrilling next step in my life.  Here’s where I need a little help.  I am planning on sending out occasional emails that share what I’m up to and include tips on how to keep your dogs happy, healthy, and living their best life!  I’d love to include you on our mailing list, and I promise you the emails won’t be spammy.  If you would just reply letting me know you’re interested in receiving my emails, I’ll make sure you’re included. If you ever wish to be taken off the list (I hope you don’t), simply let me know and I’ll personally make sure that happens.

I have another quick favor to ask.  If you have any ideas, suggestions, or words of encouragement, please feel free to share.  The support I’ve received from everyone so far has helped make this exciting new adventure possible and I’d love to hear from you all!
Looking forward to your replies 🙂

Love all of you!

Mary The Dog Walker

You will send the email by putting your own address in the “To:” field and by BCCing everyone else you want to send the letter to.  It’s important to BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) so that you aren’t accidentally sharing people’s email addresses with one another.

Step 2

Go on your personal Social Media, Facebook, twitter, instagram, etc. and share with your followers the same or similar email as above but include the following.

Great news, I’m starting a dog walking business.  I’d love to keep all of you up to date with the business and share some fantastic dog tips I have.  If this sounds good, please send me an email to letting me know you’d like to be included on the email list.

Love all of you!

Mary The Dog Walker

Step 3

Take all of the names of people that responded and make them your list. Now when you’re ready to send out your first email, send it to yourself and BCC everyone on your list.  Congrats, you now have the beginning of your list!

There’s a good chance someone on that list is going to be your first customer or one of their friends or family members is going to be your first customer.  The conversation starts with the first email, now go out and win that first customer!

We’d love to hear what’s working for you with your first email to friends, family, and colleagues. Please share your successes,  HERE